Construction Research Journal (CRJ) is a bi-annual International Journal published by the Department of Building, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria. The Journal is devoted to providing a medium for disseminating research findings on construction issues to policy makers, construction professionals, developers, consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, educators and students all over the world. The objective of the journal is the dissemination of research results by publication and circulation of research findings.

The areas covered include but not exclusive to construction management, design, planning, technology, science, building maintenance, building services, building surveying, quantity surveying, materials science, construction contracts, health and safety, information technology, building and road components and systems, construction procurement systems, project management, communications/information management, organization management and structures, cost management, productivity management, construction manpower and labour management, governmental and environmental impact on construction, globalization and construction, construction training and development, professional ethics and so on.
In order to ensure that papers published meet standards, all papers submitted for publication undergo a peer review involving local and foreign reviewers who are experts and advisers in the areas concerned.
Thereafter, the Editorial Board takes a decision on the acceptance or rejection for publication. The reviewer(s) comments and the status of papers submitted are forwarded to their respective author(s) as soon as a decision to accept or reject a paper for publication is taken.